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The Team

At Zink-Notley Equine Solutions & Consulting we are dedicated to achieving the ultimate outcome for every patient, whether the focus is conditioning, maintenance or rehabilitation. We offer state-of-the-art portable services to meet the needs of both equine athletes across all disciplines and dogs whose owners are looking to improve their performance or comfort levels at home. We work directly with veterinarians and trainers to create customizable programs that are personalized to the needs of the individual animal.


Trista Zink


Trista has a lifetime of experience with animals, but her passion lies with horses and dogs. She graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Equine Sciences. She has added to her experience as a Certified Animal Cold Laser Practitioner and Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer. Previously, Trista worked in both small and large animal veterinary hospitals and rehab centers as a veterinary technician, therapist assistant and hospital manager.

Trista grew up showing both horses and dogs. She started competing in the equestrian industry at the age of 4 and has competed in many different disciplines at a national and international level in events such as hunter/jumpers, stock horse shows, cow horse events and rodeo. This gives her the knowledge and experience to know what it takes to maintain and rehabilitate all different levels of equine athletes.


As a child, Trista also competed in the Jack Russel Terrier trials; competing in conformation, go to ground, racing, agility and super earth. Her dogs are her world and understands how hard it can be to see them age, she takes great pride in helping all canines not only recover from injuries but remain as pain free as possible through their senior years.



Hannah Stucko

Rehabilitation Specialist

Born and bred in upstate NY, Hannah began her love of equine athletes when she was introduced to standardbred racing. She later attended Morrisville State College to earn her BS in Equine Science with a focus on Rehabilitaion as well as Thoroughbred Racing Management. Her talent working with athletes has taken her from a private dressage barn in Virginia Beach, to treating stakes and Breeders Cup winners in Southern California. She now happily resides on the Space Coast , eager to lend her expertise to help your horse reach their highest potential.


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